Birth of Showee: How did it all begin?

First of all, who is Èric?
Èric is the driving force behind all this madness. A young adventurer, empathetic, and nonconformist, who when he sees an injustice, is capable of moving heaven and earth to reduce inequalities. And that's exactly what he did with Showee.

And behind every project, there is a story, that's why today we want to tell you ours.

Several years ago, his grandmother was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, which added to his mother's chronic illness. At home, shower time became a moment of anxiety and discomfort for the whole family.

Èric is passionate about technology, and at that time, he was working at a company designing and manufacturing faucets. This led him to reflect:
? Why so many things in our lives have evolved, making our lives easier, yet the shower remains the same, as if anchored in time? cómo anclada en el tiempo?”

It was then that he had the brilliant idea of ​​creating an accessible shower that would wet, soap, and dry, to allow people who today experience this moment with fear and stress to shower comfortably.

In 2017, he was selected to participate in ATÍPICS, an entrepreneurship and leadership program for projects with positive impact 🚀, and there he began to bring to life the idea he had in mind.

Among the participants was Marc Buxaderas 👨‍🎤, a tremendous actor and stand-up comedian with spastic cerebral palsy.
The organizers of Atípics had a good eye and put them together in the same room. They supported and took care of each other, which further reinforced the need for a shower revolution 🚿 , and from that, a great friendship emerged.

Showee was selected as the best social impact project, and that's when the dream started to come true. ✨

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