Everything starts with

a purpose

Ours is: We all deserve to enjoy shower!

All of the Showee family members have experienced having relatives or friends who viewed showering as a difficult and feared moment.

We are united by a strong commitment to change this reality. We want the level of autonomy of the person not to be a barrier for them to enjoy a peaceful and revitalizing shower.

People with disabilities in Spain
Elderly and people with functional diversity need assistance with their personal hygiene.
de agua consumidos por cada 5 minutos. (Una ducha convencional consume 100L)

Why was Showee born?

Several years ago, Eric's grandmother was diagnosed with Parkinson's, and his mother with a chronic illness, making showering a stressful moment for the whole family.

This led him to reflect:

Why have so many things in our lives have evolved, making our lives easier, and yet the shower remains stuck in time?

With this question, our project was born.


ATÍPICS is an entrepreneurship and leadership program for projects with a positive impact.

Showee was selected as the best social impact project.

That's when our dream started to become true.


We started working in Eric's grandparents' old shed, with a hose and the first prototype of Showee.

Among the clucking of the chickens, we realized that the solution was viable.


Despite the pandemic, we managed to build the second functional prototype and conduct the first tests with dependent individuals.

The feedback from the pilots was the push we needed to continue.

Later on, Showee was welcomed by the UPC Emprèn program, which accompanied us in the development of our Startup.


Mr. Sebastià Catllà discovered us working in the shed and promoted the industrial agreement with the Oliva Torras group.

Thanks to that, we were able to manufacture a new prototype that was tested with dozens of users, many of them from the Ampans foundation.


After successfully passing the certifications, we installed the first showers in various healthcare centers in Catalonia, committed to improving patient care.

A year of valuable learning by listening to the experience of our users.


The story continues."

The team

CIO & Cofounder

Alejandro Castro

«If dancing in the rain is fun, imagine under the Showee!»

CEO & Showee founder

Èric Güell

«My time from activity to calm.»


Laia Badia

«To have great ideas, the best thing is a good shower.»

CTO & Cofounder

Eloi Mirambell

«The shower is my best time to sing off-key.»


Judit Salarich

«Burning water and windswept hair.»

Are you the next one?

If you want to change the world and you love to shower, we're looking for you!

Our values

Let's all enjoy the shower!

We have designed our showers so that with just one click, you can revel in the sensation of water cascading over you at the perfect temperature and pressure. Or, if you desire, you can even experience the world of sensations offered by chromatherapy.

We have developed a shower that enhances the experience for everyone.

We put users at the center

Our user community allows us to co-create the experience and continually improve our showers.

From defining which key functionalities they must have to incorporating new features to adapt the shower to the different needs of each individual.

Designed for the planet.

Currently, 15.7% of the territory is in a scenario of emergency due to severe water scarcity, three times more than the previous year.

At Showee, we are committed to continuing to work every day to optimize its consumption. Not only in the shower but in all the processes of development and testing of our products.

Our commitments

The visibility of the shower issue

The shower is the time of day when our minds and bodies relax, but unfortunately, this is not the reality for everyone. 

We know that this issue is not transparent today, and we want to shed light on this situation.

Let's replace stress with relaxation and enjoyment!

We know that showers are as unique as people, and everyone deserves to choose the best experience for themselves.

Our technology provides greater autonomy and freedom to individuals who currently experience the shower as a challenging moment.

We incorporate buses with functional diversity

We offer dignified and valuable work opportunities for individuals with intellectual, physical, or sensory disabilities by collaborating with the special work center of the Ampans Foundation.

We continue working and innovating to improve sustainability

At Showee, we have found a way to reduce water consumption by over 50% in each shower so that future generations can continue to enjoy it.

And we are committed to continuing to work every day to optimize the planet's resources in our products.

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