Collaboration with Ampans

Our priority has always been for our showers to help improve the quality of life for all individuals, especially those who perceive showering as a dreaded and challenging moment. That's why we work closely with our user community to continuously create and enhance our showers. Ampans , along with its user community, has been a key companion in the development of Showee for the past two years

In 2023, we collaborated on the programProyectos de asesoramiento para la aceleración de la innovación de la empresa a través del desarrollo de nuevas iniciativas disruptivasfunded by the Agency for Business Competitiveness ACCIÓ.
The purpose of the project 'VALIDATION OF THE SHOWEE SMART SHOWER PROTOTYPE THROUGH A BASE OF REAL USERS PROVIDED BY THE AMPANS FOUNDATION (MVP-TEST)' is to define key functionalities and incorporate new features to adapt the shower to the diverse needs of individuals with intellectual disabilities.

We began by conducting pilot tests with 10 Ampans users,each with different abilities, at facilities provided by the Oliva Torras group. The results confirmed that 100% of users experiencing autonomy and/or safety issues reported improvements in at least one of the two aspects. Moreover, all of them stated they gained intimacy and comfort.

Subsequently, we studied with Cristina, Queren, Marta, and Marina from Ampans the main KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) of our shower to help us define the impact of the showers on users and caregivers once installed in their centers.

And in June, we installed the shower in one of the bathrooms of the Els Companys residence, and another one in Llar Mión. From Showee, we have provided training to caregivers on its operation to fully leverage the advantages of Showee and identify which functionalities need improvement.

This collaboration is allowing us to validate that Showee users can shower with more privacy, security, and autonomy, reducing assistance time and facilitating caregivers' tasks..

Another important aspect we are learning is that Showee users can shower more comfortably and frequently, promoting better mood and improved behavior.Additionally, we are demonstrating economic savings in water, soap consumables, and employee hours dedicated to hygiene, optimizing processes in this area.

We are thrilled about this collaboration and the results we are achieving together.

Project file number ACCIÓ: ACE073/22/000195

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